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Catastrophic crashes across multiple apps from Disk Overload error in vers 2.2.1 - FIXED


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Hi everyone,

Thought I would share this to save some other poor shmuck 2 days of troubleshooting to diagnose the issue. I have been running an old version of utorrent - 2.2,1 for quite some time, mainly because I believe in sticking with stable versions of software to limit the amount of time I have to work "on" the system. 2 days ago I started getting major freezes across multiple applications - Windows File Explorer, Chrome, utorrent - even Task Manager would crash and freeze. The only way to get out was to force a reset. There was nothing recorded in the Event Viewer logs, I rigorously tested all the hard drives, memory, a complete virus scan, uninstalled the last dozen programs and updates, you name it - installed ALL the Windows 7 available updates, removed optional add ons to the shell. Nothing worked, and none of the diagnostic tools were telling me what the issue was. Everything came back green.

I was about to concede defeat and reinstall windows and start from scratch, when I noticed these issues were occuring in a sequence, and only after I had utorrent running with a fast transfer speed (approx 2.5 mb/s). That's when I spotted the "Disk Overload 100%" error in the utorrent client footer, and that the xfer speed would drop to only a few kb/s. 

I then attempted all of the published fixes for the Disk Overload issue - increasing the disk cache, changing some of the Advanced settings - nothing worked. Until I updated to the current version 3.5.4

Lesson learned. I have since found a few articles on major updates to the way utorrent handles multiple threads since vers 2.2.1 so now I think I finally have my answer. The thing I cannot fathom, is how none of diagnostic tools were able to pick this up.

Anyway, I hope someone else reads this and saves themselves a ton of time!



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I've wondered the same thing myself. I got fast internet almost 6 months ago but never encountered this issue. There was one torrent in particular that was guaranteed to trigger the Disk Overload, and it had a high number of peers (365) and a low number of seeds (8 or so). I could achieve high transfer speeds with a high seed ratio and it wouldn't cause this problem.

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