torrents are downloading from 0% after restart

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version: 3.5.4

I finished downloading several torrents, and closed the utorrent.

Next day, I run utorrent to seed the files that I have downloaded, Some of them are seeding normally, but some of them were downloading, starting from 0.0%.

I did not change the drive tag, and the files are exactly in the path that shown in info panel in utorrent.

Then I choose "force recheck" in right-click menu(I am not sure if this is the exact wordings because I am not using English version, but the shortcut key is "H")

and after checking, the status become "seeding" again.

But, next time I run the program, same problem occurred and it is really time-consuming to check the file every time.

What should I do?

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19 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Are you saving to an external hard drive? 

Yes, all my files are saved in the same external hard drive.

But, some of them working normally so I assume that it is not my hard drive problem?

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