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My files are fine; but not my torrents...


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Thank you for inquiring my plea.  I had to redo my operating system because of something I couldn't control; therefore I had reinstall all my applications afterwards.  I'm using uTorrent as an interface for shared files and was using that program before I reinstall my OS.  I spent the majority of the last three days repairing what I did in my last episode of "Fix it Felix," redoing my torrent files.  Anyway, I was to my last correspondence between a TORRENT file and the actual file at 9:42pm, when I made a boo-boo. Actually, my machine froze; so I had to way to turn but to turn it off. I waited 45 seconds and rebooted. I went to the uTorrent program; but my settings had vanished. All my work had gone up is smoke; or has it. There are files to reinstituted what I had lost. At present, the uTorrent program lists the following at boot up:

Name                         Date Modified                             Size

settings.dat                    01/12/2019 7:38AM            24KB
dht.dat                            01/12/2019 7:38AM            10KB
dht_feed.dat                  01/12/2019 7:39AM              1KB
resume.dat                    01/12/2019 7:38AM            19KB
rss.dat                            01/12/2019 7:38AM               1KB
settings.dat.old             01/12/2019 7:38AM            24KB
resume.dat.old             01/12/2019 7:36AM            19KB
dht_feed.dat.old           01/12/2019 7:35AM              1KB
dht.dat.old                     01/12/2019 7:30AM           10KB

As far as I can tell, the data files at that time (9:42pm) are as follows:

Name                                                     Date Modified                                     Size

rss.dat.old                                             01/11/2019 9:42PM                           1KB
resume.dat.1547267705.bad            01/11/2019 9:32PM                     1853KB
dht.dat.1547267704.bad                    01/11/2019 9:23PM                         11KB
dht.dat.1547268009.bad                    01/11/2019 9:32PM                         11KB
settings.dat.1547267704.bad            01/11/2019 9:32PM                         24KB
settings.dat.1547267705.bad            01/11/2019 9:32PM                         24KB
resume.dat.old.1547267705.bad      01/11/2019 9:32PM                    1856KB

I'm not familiar with returning back to the old interface. I have an idea, but I'm not positive; so please help me. I have 119+ files I want to seed. 

Thank you and God bless,

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