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Calling the "open folder" menu on the downloading torrent causes data corruption on the disk


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To repeat the problem we needs to...

1. Download torrent, where a lot of files and folders because the error, apparently, appears only when downloading a distribution with many files and folders.
2. Select the "Files" tab in the "Details" section.
3. When it downloads about a couple of percent (so that it is recorded on the disk), right click on torrent -> Open folder. (not in the "Files" tab)
4. After that, stop and start downloading the torrent.
5. The error "Missing files. Repeat hashing." Appears.
6. And when you try to rehash, writes: "Access is denied. (Check)" (although the hash check is in progress)
7. After that, a file appears in the file list of the download, which should not be there (usually a file without an extension and with the name of the torrent folder).
8. After restarting uTorrent, the file list returns to normal. But torrent need to rehash.

P.S. tested in latest stable version Worked approximately in versions 3.2. Broke, probably in 3.3. When exactly broke - I do not know.

P.P.S. translated from Russian forum and tested - bug exist.

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