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not enough system resources


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i have had utorrent suddenly start stopping torrents with the message on the "downloading/seeding" column, the message is something along the lines of "not enough system resources to continue".

now, before you tell me to check ram, disk space, patched dll, etc, i would JUST like utorrent, due to the severity of this type of error, that it write to the log what resource it was unable to obtain.

even if the log is not turned on.

just like when it moves a complete torrent, but, honestly, complete torrents i know where they end up, insufficient system resources are harder to determine (especialy if there is a problem in the system), if its not a basic resource which everyone knows how to check.

i think severe errors have more than good enough reasons to be put on the log display.

(unless there is a log somewhere i am not aware of for errors)

PS: if anyone knows of any utility that will show me the % used of all the system resources any program may need (i know htere are things like handles, gdi resources, etc), and by that i mean, more than just ram and disk space, id appreciate a link or a name. thanks in advance.

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Even if it did tell you, would something like "unable to allocate 12084 bytes" honestly help you narrow it down?

well, going immediatly to task manager and it telling me that i have 2GB available free physical memory, its obvious that its not a memory problem.

so i doubt that it was the case.

anyone can go to task manager and see how much free memory they have.

you have given the most obvious problem that can occur and that can be determined, and which (i am sorry to say) is stupid because im not here asking to know how many bytes utorrent cant allocate.

what i am stating is that i doubt that it is allways memory that gives that error.

and when that happens it is obvious that anything will help.

your assumption is that , if its a fatal error, then there is little that can be done, so what is the use of printing out error messages.

i for one, think that when a error occurs, you never know what information you might need to prevent the same error occuring again.

it seems we dont share the same philosophy.

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thanks for the reply silverfire. clap.gif

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If the error's truely fatal, I don't see how µTorrent could survive long enough to give you an error message. :P

(maybe if it's multi-threaded, and each thread monitors the other and reports if one goes down...but man what a programming nightmare!)

If it's non-fatal, but caused by something external to µTorrent...all µTorrent would know is like Firon said:

"unable to allocate 12084 bytes"

Even if 2 GB of ram is "free", if µTorrent's trying to grab the lowest section of free ram while some other program is quickly grabbing and releasing ram then a deadlock (in theory) can occur.

You already know it's a "not enough system resources", which is probably more than µTorrent knows! Expert systems are EXTREMELY hard to program, which is what you seem to be asking. And they're seldom small, fast-running programs too!

If you can find out which system resources are low, maybe that can help ludde debug his program so he CAN add better error messages to the logs.

As it is, we're shooting in the dark ...and currently causing lots of friendly fire.

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i never asked for utorrent to become an expert system at detecting insufficent system resources.

you tell me that i already know more than utorrent knows.

"If you can find out which system resources are low, maybe that can help ludde debug his program so he CAN add better error messages to the logs."

you ask me to determine what resouces are causing these errors, yet when i ask for more info, you tell me that it would not help me narrow anything down.

i am sorry, if there are insufficient system resources to complete a requested service, utorrent already know 1 more thing than i do. what service it was trying to do.

you think that telling me what service utorrent was trying to do will not help me, well, i guess this is a futile conversation in the end.

i can only end this topic with 1 things (to make us all laugh), a script for a detective story that your replies have made me come up with:

a guy is killed.

a detective is informed that someone was killed.

what leads do we have, asks the dective ?

none tells the chief.

do we know what he was doing at the moment of his death ?

no, says the chief, we dont think that information would have been of any use to you.

do we know if he had any enemies ?

no, we didnt get that information either, because it would be of no use to you.

well, what information do we have to go on, then, asks the dective ?

well, we know he was killed, so go and get the killer !!! says the chief.

with this i end this topic as it has become apparent that the only thing that is obvious is that one has to debug a program oneself, as you guys for beta testers, wouldnt qualify in my books.

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quit with the analogies...and get back to the problem:

µTorrent has crashed with "not enough system resources" as a message.

Did it completely crash or just stop downloading torrents?

Do you have UPnP and/or DHT enabled which may indirectly cause system resource leakage?

What's your half-open connection limit set to?

Did you have *ANYTHING* app-wise (however unlikely to be connected to µTorrent) running at the time of the crash that uses internet access which might be interfering?

You are correct, at the end of the day, you are the one and only person HERE who can fix YOUR problem.

We may be able to supply ideas...ludde may be able to fix HIS program...but you're the one who actually has to combine whatever (re)sources are needed to make this problem go away.

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it stopped downloading some torrents with "insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service".

i have upnp disabled in utorrent but enable on the router.

i have dht enabled in utorrent.

net.max-halfopen = 207

current statistics:

half-open = 0

connections: 67

dll patched way above that.

had another application accessing the net at the time.

selecting the torrents again and starting them made then continue with no apparent resource error during the following hours.

the other application is still active.

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Try disabling UPnP in the router...since you're not using it, that uses up the router's precious ram which can/should be used for more connections. :)

Definitely be a good idea to reduce your half-open connections down to 50 or less. 200+ overloads&crashes all kinds of networking hardware and numerous software firewalls as well!

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