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Internet is slow!


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Hi all.

I'm new to this forum.

I've browsed it. I noticed I was not the only one with this problem. I found hints but no solution (nothing changes):

My internet is DEAD slow when utorrent is running.

My profile:

Sony VAIO laptop

P4 2.7 GHz

1Go memory

XP SP2 operating system

WiFi connection with Zyxel router, properly configured (see below)

My internet profile:

6Mbit download, 512kbit upload

Firefox used for web browsing

Windows firewall disabled

Router firewall configured to free port 10053 for utorrent (checked OK)

My utorrent profile:

version 1.6

Speedguide config: xx/512k

Disabled UPnp port mapping (suggested on this forum for slow internet connections)

Limited upload to 10ko/s (otherwise web browsing is simply impossible....)

250 max connections

90 max peers per torrent

4 upload slots per torrent

disabled DHT (suggested on this forum for slow internet connections)

3 max active torrents

2 max active downloads

My average download is 10 ko/s,(upload, limited to 10 ko/s, is stable).

Browsing the web results in an average 40 seconds waiting time between each page (!), when firefox doesn't crash...

Browsing is OK when utorrent isn't running.

I updated tcpip.sys as suggested on this forum: nothing changes.

Does somebody know what is happening?

Best regards,

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did u update the tcpip.sys or patched it? if so how many half-open connecions did u set in it

and if u have it patched correctly (50 max half-open or more) u should try setting the net.max_halfopen to less than 8

otherwise, no idea what else could it be, u could try lowering ur upload speed a little bit i guess

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Yes I restarted windows after patching.

I have to correct what I wrote to Nefarious just above.

Apparently, setting net.max_halfopen to 4 instead of 8 did change something. Utorrent has been on all night now and its download speed has increased slightly but significantly (which is not what I intended, but I can't complain :) ).

Web browsing also is much easier now, sometimes. But some other times it's still the same. I'm not really sure yet. I have to check it on the long run.

I'll give more info this evening with, hopefully, a little more feedback.


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If you're really only getting about 10 KB/sec download speed and equal upload speeds, then also use a lower speed guide setting...instead of the xx/512k one, use the xx/128k or xx/192k one. This will use considerably less connections (lower connection max limit)...since you'll easily get 10 KB/sec with just 10 connections per torrent, given even a mediocre torrent. :)

It migth even download a tiny bit faster that way, as there's less bandwidth wasted maintaining all the extra connections.

You wouldn't happen to be on Charter or SBC ISP by any chance?

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I guess Firon could be right .. my router is handling 4 pcs and when there are too much downloads going on, even with lower speeds, it just can't handle the many open(ing) connections that fast. I've faced it a lot. Now u've set your max open connection to under 200, but i dunnow, mayb peers are disconnection and reconnecting too much? :D dunnow..

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Try very few connections -- like 50 global and 20 per torrent.

I run µTorrent with only 40-80 connections total. ...Usually with fewer than 10 connections per torrent.

It's not a big speed hit to be that low. I still see download speeds in excess of 150 KB/sec often and in excess of 400 KB/sec occassionally. And my upload speed tends to stay maxed out at 35-42 KB/sec (which is what I set it to).

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I set it to xx/128k now, and ist seems allright, sometimes...

But the web browsing is still sometimes slow. But it has gotten better, on an average.

Thank you very much for your help.

Fir, Phospho, my router is Zyxel.


Hope future updates will solve these random slow connections...

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Your using a Wireless internet provider right? they're throttling you.

I recently upgraded from dial up to Wireless and experienced the same issues as you. I got into contact with one of my ISP's technicians and he checked it out and asked if i was running any p2p. So I said ya, bittorrent, and he explained that they throttle any long term (in this case 11 k/B upload over 12 hours, i'm paying for 44 k/B) uploading (dslreports showed this to be 67 kbps, aka 2x dial up speed)

Basicly they won't let you use the bandwidth you pay for so downgrade your package (or upgrade to 'server' if your ISP tries to push that on you too)

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My 2 cents:

Use protocoll encryption (if your ISP is throttling you). I have also a Wifi ISP, but he's not throttling ;)

Check the TCPIP.SYS again and set 100 connections there. Sometimes Windows updates set this value back!

In utorrent use lower than this 100, f.e. 95 (should work with most routers, like FAQ says, and works with me).

And not each torrent can reach your max. up/downspeed which your ISP gives you (depends on torrents, seeders, leechers, tracker, ...).

Try free and well seeded torrents (like http://www.slackware.com/torrents/slackware-10.2-install-d1.torrent or one of http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/index.html) to max. out your connections.

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