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I am having issues with Utorrent constantly crashing after running a certain amount of time....seems to be like 10-15 hours where it says "Windows runs out of memory" and crashes with the option to RELAUNCH Utorrent.

No big deal...I can live with that although it would be nice if that didn't happen.

Here is the absolutely annoying part that needs to be fixed in an update.  When Utorrent crashes and often relaunches, it changes the order the torrents were previously listed in, and moves them around numerically.  NO GOOD!!!!  I have all the unfinished torrents in a particular order for particular reasons and I don't want the order changed on the relaunch.  This shouldn't be a difficult fix.  I currently have 333 torrents in varying percentages of completion, along with some ones added but not started yet.  Like I said, ALL 333 are where they are for a reason...I don't want number 32 becoming number 67 upon relaunch.  Now, I have to spend 30 min each time it crashes and relaunches to move them back in the order that I had them.  Very annoying.  Please fix this ASAP

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where it says "Windows runs out of memory"

Where are you seeing that? Is it a uTorrent dialog, or a Windows dialog? If it is a Windows dialog, then you are probably loading the machine too hard, and need more memory. There is a chance that you have encountered a memory leak, either in uTorrent or elsewhere; I would suggest using a tool like RAMMap to diagnose this, although it is a rather advanced utility.

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