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Hello forum,

I am new to utorrent but like reviews. My problem is after downloading utorrent, and attemping to set my speed by accessing the speed guide in option, the utorrent app freezes. I have to go into task manager and end utorrent processes to stop utorrent. utorrent does recognize my port being open. I am using a netgear 108meg router running one pc.

I have a hp 750n pc running windows xp sp2. I turned off my windows firewall as instructed on some of the thread. I am running mcafee AV. I need some assistance just getting utorrent setup properly. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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Also, I use your utorrent setup guide: I am not sure if my calculation are correct but it states,

to tweak connection speed do the following: Take your upload speed result in kbits and divide it by 8 (you now have your result in kBytes.)

Take your speed in kBytes and multiply it by 0.8 (this now gives your a proper upload speed of 80% of you tested max

My upload speed is 133kb, Iam using a 768kb dsl connection. 133kb / 8 = 16.63x0.8 = 13.3

Is this correct?

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