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Making the UP/DOWN buttons move torrents in the list (Bit Comet style)


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hello everyone, i'm new here at the forums, thought this might be useful to some.

I've been using Bit Comet for more than a year and found it useful until recently i migrated to uTorrent, which i believe was a very good decision. One of the first things i noticed was the same problem posted on the uTorrent website FAQ, to wit:

"Why do the up/down buttons not move the torrent?

The up/down buttons only change the queue order for torrents that are downloading. They do not actually move the torrents up and down in the list. "

At first, i didn't notice any changes when clicking those UP and DOWN buttons, then saw it finally, but as the FAQ said, the torrents stay put in their order (alphabetical by default). But i found a way to work around this, quite simple really.

1. click and hold the column header (#) for the torrent priority number, just like you would with Excel

2. drag and drop it to the leftmost part of the torrent window of uTorrent, to the left of the NAME column.

3. once in position, click again the # column header. that's it! you've just repositioned all your torrents to arrange themselves in priority order.

hope this helps. cheers.

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yes ultima, that's the quickest possible way to sort. i guess some people like me like it better when the order count is placed at the beginning column (left), easier for me to scan them list. but that's just me, different strokes for diff folks, hehe..

thanks for ur reply though. much appreciated.

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