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How to RESTORE previous data on UTorrent


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OK, this f'n sucks, and I have no idea what happened.

I had several thousand torrents in UTorrent running on my PC...about 200 were in various stages of completion with the remainder entirely completed.  I came back to my PC to see that it had automatically restarted most likely performing some type of automatic update.  When I RELAUNCHED UTorrent, it has 18 torrents...YES 18 FRICKIN TORRENTS so several thousand simply vanished.  How do I GET BACK or RESTORE a PREVIOUS save point that would still have those other thousands of torrents saved in them similar to RESTORING TABS FROM AN OLD BROWSER SESSION.  I've got to assume that UTorrent saves previous points in time for some type of RESTORE IF NECESSARY.

Worst case scenario...I have ALL the torrent files saved so I theoretically could add them one by one by one by one until I get the couple hundred I had partially downloaded but obviously doing that is a logistical tedious nightmare of hellish proportion taking probably hundreds of hours (in some cases the torrent file is on a different external hard drive than the downloaded files and so some searching needs to take place).

If there isn't a RESTORE point, then this is perhaps the most important functionality that needs to get added so that it is possible to get back to a previous point in time.




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You could try the replacing the file resume.dat with resume.dat.old. Look inside uTorrent's Application Data folder.

Exit uTorrent. Remove (or delete) the file resume.dat from the Application Data folder.

Rename the file resume.dat.old to resume.dat.

Launch uTorrent.

NOTE: Before doing anything, back up the entire folder that contains resume.dat, resume.dat.old and the other files within it. Therefore if what's suggested doesn't work, you still have copies of all the files prior to trying.

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Thanks for the response....but this does not appear to be working

When I opened the folder and looked at the resume.dat.old based on the time stamp and file size it appeared to me to be the data file with everything STILL MISSING...so I went perusing the folder and found these files...


I have been having constant issues with Utorrent continually CRASHING so I figured these dmp files were the data from all the crashes...I found the one with the most recent time stamp which was 2/15 and renamed that dmp file to resume.dat, and tried relaunching UTorrent....it loaded with ZERO torrents.  As you can see most of the dmp files are around 6500 kb or so, while the resume.dat.old that was there before I did anything was 44 kb with a time stamp of just 30 min or so ago, so I figured the resume.dat.old had already refreshed to a new file with everything missing.  Interestingly, a few days ago UTorrent crashed and upon relaunch many were missing and I think that corresponds to the file 4th from the bottom shrinking to 4604 kb from 6600 the previous few weeks.  My sense is those dmp files have the info in them, but for some reason UTorrent isn't grabbing them on relaunch even if I rename the dmp file to resume.dat.

Any further help will be greatly appreciated...as the next step is to begin adding them in one by one by one which will be a major pain in the ass.

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FWIW, I found this thread....


And I tried doing this...



It looks like what happened was somehow the resume.dat file got corrupted during the shutdown and that was the problem.After recovering "resume.dat.1517198033.bad" in BEncode and saving it in my utorrent folder it finally opened with most (roughly 3,400 out of the 4,000+) of my torrents back.It looks like the other resume.dat.old files I recovered are damaged beyond repair"


Doesn't appear to work...STILL ZERO TORRENTS.

In any case, if there is no viable solution to restore the several thousand loss, I'd like to get moving on manually readding them one by one

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My uTorrent has been crashing once or twice a day lately, and dumping all my downloads in process, and even those which were completed.  I'm getting real tired of "adding" them again and again, and still having not a single uTorrent of any use.  This is not on my phone, but my laptop.  Help?

If so many people are having the same problem, why doesn't uTorrent look into this and fix it?  Just asking...

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