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External Hard drive


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Hello  there!  I haven't really seen any other topics about this although I am sure they are out there.  So I purchased a 4T external hard drive because my I got Shaw's new 300mbs connection and thought I would try and give back a bit.  My hard drive was insufficient for this purpose. 

I moved all of my torrents and files onto my hard drive using the "Advanced"  "Set my download location" option which worked fine at first. But as time goes along I find all my seeds are turning red and all a lot of but not all of my downloads aren't seeding anymore. 

Someone mentioned that they actually loaded Utorrent onto their external hard drive.  Is this a requirement?  I am not having any issues downloading just seeding.  Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light.

Does it matter where my torrents are located? Where my files are located? Where Utorrent is loaded?

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So...I looked at the tracking tab and it said it was inactive so I am not sure what exactly that means or what would cause that.  This is what has caused the problem.

Moving my files to new 4T external hard drive.

Moving my torrents over to the new hard drive.

Signing up to NordVPN.

I think that the biggest issue...maybe...is that I moved my torrent files, even though I changed the settings on the "Preferences-Options-Directories" tab.  I have moved them back to the original directory, made the suggested adjustments to my proxy as suggested in the help page but nothing changed.  I am now doing a full file recheck...ugh.

  So far, as the files are checked, everything seems to be coming back properly colour coordinated...yes I am Canadian we spell like the British lol.

On a second note, is there anyway to make it so that you can have a substantial amount of files accessible for uploading without having to do a re-check of all the files when the program is closed or stops working properly?  This usually takes a least 24 hours to go through all my files with a re-check.

What I mean to say is, is there a way to separate the files so they all aren't affected the same way if something happens? I guess I don't really have to worry about it, but every once in awhile when Utorrent loads up it wants to re-check all my files which is really annoying.  I chose to do it manually this time but sometimes it happens automatically and the more files I have accessible for upload the longer the re-check takes.

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