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utorrent problems.. when 2 PC using simultaneosly..


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recently.. i setup a network at my home..

i'm using BRIDGE mode, ADSL to connect to internet..... so, i don't have to worry bout port forwarding...

PC1 connects to internet.

PC2 uses PC1 as a gateway to go online.

wehn i open utorrent on both PC at the same time.......

only PC1 gets OPENED port status.. PC2 is firewall..

i am using ZA PRO for both PC..

the thing is, when only 1 PC is running, either one, it'll get green light.

but when 2 is running, only 1 will get green light.

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Make sure the two PC's are using different ports for µTorrent because when one PC is using it, the port is mapped to the first one that starts listening on the port. It should theoretically be fine if you use different ports.

On a different note, I advise that you buy a router and uninstall ZoneAlarm. Software firewalls are next to useless, and you're better off buying a router and forwarding ports properly.

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PC1, PC2 and Modem are all links together with a router

So wait, are you, or are you not using a router...? If you are, setting the modem to bridged mode (I guess it's a modem+router combo) does not rid youself of the need to forward ports.

If anything, I'd try uninstalling ZoneAlarm first.

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ok.. this wway..

I have

1 modem

1 router

2 PC

Modem ---(LAN CABLE) ----> router ------(WiLAN)--->> 2 PC.

Modem is in BRIDGED mode,......... My router is just a router, It doesn't dial my internet

i can dial from PC 1, OR i can dial from PC 2,

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