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Slick but slow?!


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Hello there!

I'm kinda amazed by the slickness of utorrent but unfortunately the download speed is not that amazing. I'm on a 2mb down/22kb up connection and that's the speed I get: dlspeed9tg.jpg

Using this torrent: http://torrent.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/torrents/KNOPPIX_V4.0.2CD-2005-09-23-EN.torrent I get constant speeds above 200KB up to the max whitin a few minutes.

My settings:

port 31337

random port & UPnP unchecked

max. global upload: 18

max. global download: 0

uploads per torrent: 4

max. connected peers per torrent: 200

max. active downloads: 1

max. global connections: 400

net.low_cpu: false

bt.slow_connect: false

So, my/settings fault or what might me the problem?

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Are you connected through a NAT device, such as a router? If you are, deselect random port, and forward the port you have selected to your computer.

Also, the seed/leecher ratio is awfully low, so that could be another explanation. The availability shows that there are 50 completed copies of the torrent data to be shared between all these 5000+ leechers.

Seeing how the linked torrent have more seeds than peers, it's only logical that you receive high speeds from it.

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Nah, it's not a NAT problem , at least not in the sense of opening ports. I opened one port ( it doesn't allow a range like azureus) and I'm getting approx 300kbs. With azureus, the same torrent dls at 700kbs (comcrap is finally delivering advertised dl rates). dunno whats going on, but the speed just isn't as good as azureus so far

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