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Auto-Label feature - support regex in "Contains"


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I'm using uTorrent 3.5.5 on windows 10.

As I see, the 'Auto-Label>Contains' custom rules only apply to the torrent name, not the names of the files to be downloaded.

My feature request it to support regular expressions in "Contains" in the "Auto-Label feature" (or at least a | separated list of keywords).
This way it will be possible to combine multiple keywords.

Example case:

I'd like to make a Label rule, named "games".
Every such game torrent contains in its name the following part in the end: e.g. "CODEX", "CPY", "RELOADED" etc 

In this case, instead of making three separate rules, I'd use:


Thank you



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Dear developers, the client is written in C ++. Boost and STL already contain a regular expression implementation. Use Boost.Hana, because it is faster than STL;) I would do it myself, but unfortunately, the source code is not publicly available.

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