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Queuing: Min ratio & Limit upload rate not working


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In preferences\Queueing I have set 'Minimum ratio = 105', 'Min seed time = 1', 'Min avail seeds = 1' and 'Limit upload rate = 0'  + checked.

I'm seeing the 'Min ratio' not being adhered to or perhaps its the 'Limit upload rate' not working as my torrents just keep uploading. Going by my settings, torrents should stop seeding (uploading) when they reach a ratio of 1.05, right?

I still have torrents in my list from 2-3 months ago and they all have a ratio of 1.10 (I prev had set it to 101%). So not too long ago this started happening, any ideas of what to do? Perhaps a reinstall is in order or the resetting of some settings file.

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