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To every show/download. As far as I know, there is no "per-feed" settings.

Sadly, since seasons are many times named ... S01 ... and episodes - S01Exx , "S0Y" is not such a good choice for a "not" word. Maybe "s01."  or "s01 " ...

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Fortunately, it appears that showRSS no longer includes entire-season torrents in its feed (I checked a couple of shows that ended recently and found that even though the entire-season torrents were available on RARBG, they were not included in the showRSS feed).  Just thought I'd share my interim solution anyway.  Note that the real key to its success was that I download only the 720p versions of shows so I was able to use this criteria in the 'NOT' filter.  Plus it will occasionally filter out single episodes such as 'Greenleaf.S04E01.Original.Sin.720p.WEBRip.x264-CRiMSON' (I highlighted the matching text in red) but this was far less annoying than accidentally downloading entire seasons!  Here is how I set up the RSS feed and associated filter in the RSS Downloader... 

RSS Feed.jpg

RSS Filter.jpg

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