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Upload speed jumps around...


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Well I have winbar telling me it lingers around 50k

With utorrent it jumps around from 50 to 0 to 50.

I have already read about my linksys b wiresless router screwing things up and even when I try to put the connection limit below 200 it still surges. I would really love to use uTorrent because I like it so much better but BitVomit is creating the best uploads speeds for other torrent users.

Do you suggest I try to mimick bitcomets settings more? Mess with the static ip? I would really love to resolve the issue with uTorrent. I suppose I will try messing with it tonight again when I get some free time.

If anyone has any ideas please advise.

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Did you try limiting upload speed in µTorrent to only 50 KB/sec, then 45 KB/sec, then 40 KB/sec to see if it stablizes? (Watch µTorrent's speed graph set to 1 second intervals to check.)

What's your upload slots, number of torrents running, half-open connections limit, bt.connect_speed, global connections, and connections per torrent values?

Are you getting the green light at bottom in µTorrent consistantly? (not firewalled=green light)

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At times I have either the green check mark or the yellow triangle. The port is open and listening for requests.

I have also tried to limit the upload speed all the way down to 20 and it still jumps to 20 then slowly deminishes and jumps again.

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Going to have to do some extreme tests to narrow it down from there...

Try disabling UPnP and DHT, and reducing half-open connections to 4.

If that seems to help, the next steps won't be neccessary.

If not...

lower global connections to only 40, and connections per torrent to only 25.

Put upload slots to 4.

And max torrents at once to only 2.

Set net.low_cpu to true.

If that doesn't work, there's nothing else I can think of in µTorrent that might help...and chances are your router's just really crummy and/or there's lots of background static. (microwaves, hair dryers, air ionizers, etc can do that.)

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