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torrents fail to resume after restart of uTorrent


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I looked thry the forums here and did not see an answer to my problem, but if is just a 'rephrasing of an old problem' situation then I appologise in advance.

If I leave uTorrent running 24/7 it works just nifty - much better than my previous client (ABC) . Unfortunately, if I close uTorrent, and then fire it back up (with or without a system restart) none of my torrents will resume or post any info (like amount downloaded, or bytes remaining). If I try to open up the original torrent file again, it does the obligitory "This is already running, do you want to import the tracker list" message. I say yes, but they still sit there.

Any ideas on what is going on?

Any more information I can provide for you?


PS: awesome client!! (outside of this issue)

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like... no. ;)

I just close the uTorrent window.

I have tried to force start as well just plain Start.

It does say that my DHT status is inactive. I tried adding torrents from http://opensource.depthstrike.com/?category=utorrent as suggested in DreadWingKnight's post and I even deleted the dht.dat & dht.dat.old files.

that torrent didn't even load up. It sat green for a bit with no download and when I restarted uTorrent agaon, it went red like the rest.


Merged double post(s):

ok.. workaround....

If i remove the torrent, (but not torrent + data) then reload the torrent (luckily I got in the habit of saving to disk rather than 'open with' ) it checks the existing data and resumes.

Any idea why it is not recognizing the loaded torrents at restart - why this 'remove and reload' is nessesary?

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Please refrain from double posting.

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Erm... I have no clue... that never happens here -- µTorrent always starts what I leave started properly. Just to be sure, you don't have any incompatible software? What are the statuses and/or tracker statuses for the torrents when µTorrent starts up?

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