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Can't remove torrents from transfer window


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I have a hand full of torrents that I can't remove from utorrent for some reason.I right-click and click on remove, or remove and delete .torrent and....nothing.It just sits there.A couple of them are red.The rest are grey.They all say "Error: Can't open .torrent file", or "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck", or "Error: Access is denied. (ReadFromDisk)".When I click on any of them the window where the tracker info would be is blank.

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25 minutes ago, Osiris3.0 said:

There are torrents I want to remain....a lot of them actually, so that isn't going to work for me.Are there any other suggestions?

If they definitely won't remove from uTorrent by the conventional method, try removing them by editing resume.dat with BEncode editor (which can be downloaded HERE in a .zip file).


Exit uTorrent.

*Make a backup of both resume.dat and resume.dat.old - both files are normally found in uTorrent's App(lication) Data folder so that both can be restored if needed*

Open BEncode Editor. Drop resume.dat into the interface (or File>Open...).

First, highlight the .fileguard entry & press delete key (or the red minus icon) to remove.

Next, highlight a torrent you want to remove & press the delete key (or the red minus icon).

Do this for each one. You can only remove 1 entry at a time.

When done, click File>Save.

Delete/remove resume.dat.old - that file is normally found in uTorrent's App(lication) Data folder.

Launch uTorrent.

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