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Error: can't open torrent file


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I have uTorrent 3.5.1, and it has been working fine. 

There were 6 torrents in the app that were at various stages of the download when it looks like Windows 10 decided to reboot itself  (very irritating, but off topic).

Now, all of my torrents have the status, "Error: Can't open torrent file C:\torrenting\xxx.torrent "

Things that I have tried:

1. Restarting the torrent. Nothing happened. 

2. Restarting uTorrent. All torrents reloaded with the same error message. 

3. Double clicking the torrent file in the torrenting folder. I was asked if I wanted to reload the trackers since the torrent was already loaded. I selected Yes, but nothing changed. 

4. Checking to make sure the C drive had enough space. I'm at about 50%.

Is this common? What should I do? I really rather not upgrade to the latest app if I  can avoid it. 

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This means the torrent file is corrupted or invalid and utorrent can't read it. Did you go back to the site to redownload the torrent files again to see what happens? Without someone seeing what is happening there we can't know if this is common or just specific to your torrent file or system.

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