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please, I really need some help!

ok, i´m using utorrent to download some files. One of them I had to download just some parts because I had no space in my HD at that moment.

Then when it was finished I wanted to download the rest. Then I deleted the torrent, opened it again, selected the files I already downloaded (in order to continue making upload) and selected what I want now.

Then I asked the utorrent to download in the same folder it already was, hoping that utorrent would use what was there.

I did it to another torrent and worked. The program readed until the point I had downloaded end started downloading the rest and uploading the first things I had there.

but I can´t do it now!!!

Does anyone knows why??

Or how put back the torrent whitout download everything again???

thanks very very very much!!!!

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well, the first time, i set D:/download (my download folder)

then it created the folder D:\downloads\[specifics removed]

then when i tried to download again, i set just D:/download.

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