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Not connecting to many Seeds 21(3431)


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Starting off, I'll say that I AM getting decent speeds already. I'm behind a Motorola SBG900 that has not been Port Forwarded. (Default ID/PW does not work. Owner has no idea what they might be and I haven't reset it). ISP is Comcast Cable with 8MB connection.

Basically it's just a general question that I've noticed on every BT client that I've used. (BT, BitTornado, BitComet, and uTorrent.)

When I start a torrent, especially one that has a lot of seeds, in this case a torrent from IsoHunt, showing 3431 Seeds and 7615 peers, I am getting connections like this: 21 (3431) and 52 (7615).

My question is (after searching thru 8 pages of Gen Discussion) why am I not connecting to more users? I'm getting just a fragment of the actual seeders that are out there. I have been able to get speeds of 100k/sec on my laptop and my desktop at home gets faster but you can never be fast enough. lol

Thanks for the advice.

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Ultima, I think he has something there. I have also noticed that with version 1.6 in some torrents, but did not pay too much attention to it ...

Usually in time - it gets more peers, but not always.

I noticed one thing though (that may be nothing...) - look in the general tab - the numbers for seeds are : X of Y (=~X to 2*X) and for peers: Z of W (W>>Z)

like: 70 of 100 seeds and 100 of 800 peers, and the traffic window show always Y to be much bigger - like 70 (350) . I wonder why ?

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They might be connected or not. The client keeps a cached list of peers (what you see when you copy the peerlist), simple as that. After 30 minutes of no contact and not being present in the list from the tracker or something, that peer is removed from the internal peerlist.

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I found this thread using Google, and it's the EXACT problem I am having at the moment.

Whenever I download a torrent, either one of three following things happen:

[Note: Before you ask, I never download torrents with few seeds, I am always downloading movies so they are pretty popular]

1: The download speed fluctuates at pretty dramatic state. One moment it will be 100kbps, the next, 80, 60, then eventually all the way down to about 5-10. It will go back up to 100kbps, but will continue to fluctuate in the same way until the end of the download.

2. The download will never go above 20kbps, and fluctuates how I described above, but sticks more to the lower spectrum of speed (i.e 0-4kbps).

3. Downloads at good speeds (100kbps-200-kbps) but still fluctuates.

Another thing you should know is that I am using Ubuntu Linux (Feisty Fawn 7.04) and running uTorrent under WINE. I've looked up everything I can on the Ubuntu Forums, but with no luck.

I really hope we can figure this out, I am sick of waiting for 2 days for one download.

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