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making torrents / keeping track of a moved download


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so my downloads start seeding, which is fine

I often move my downloaded files into other directories (such as moving 1 file from a folder, into another folder containing lots of files)

when I move the downloads, utorrent 'loses' the file from it's seed list? the only way I'm aware of adding it back as a seed, is to create an entire new torrent from the folder it's been moved to, which so far is on about 10% of the directory, after 5 minutes, it'll take at least an hour to create a torrent for the whole directory

is there any way for utorrent to keep "track" of the downloaded file, after I move the file? or however I should be doing it

edit - after 20 minutes of creating a torrent file from about 250GB, "utorrent ran out of memory", and crashed. (it was taking up 1.6GB of memory, I have 8GB installed, but, must have got in a tizz)



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1 hour ago, quartz said:

the only way I'm aware of adding it back as a seed, is to create an entire new torrent from the folder it's been moved to

This is the wrong way to do it.

If the torrent is still loaded in uTorrent, you can use the "Set Download Location" option in the right-click menu when right-clicking on the torrent you moved in order to point uTorrent at the new location.

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thanks. when I moved the downloads to a different folder, the bar went red, so I removed the torrent listed. some of the downloaded files are still "intact" in their whole folder (but the folders been moved to a different location), some of the downloaded files have been moved into a different combined directory with their original directory deleted. most of the currently intact downloaded torrents include a folder with a couple of files inside them (the actual data, plus a couple of extra txt files etc).

Usually I delete the txt files, and move the actual file into a combined directory

what's the situ on this.....the torrents I have currently downloaded that are all intact in their directories....I'll be able to just add these again, and they'll be included in one of the "200 seeders" result?

the files I have that I've moved into combined directories....I guess I'd have to create a new torrent for each one of these, and they'd list as "1 seed available", because they would basically be new torrents,,?

to add, most of the files I've downloaded, even tho I've mostly removed the extra txt files included in the torrent, the media file is still identical to the one downloaded. can I make a torrent of this "1" media file, and have it appear on the same listing as a torrent that includes "1 media, + a couple of txt" files? I'd guess...not





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