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uTorrent won't seed from qnap NAS


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Hi all, I have installed the latest qts (4.4.1 Beta 3), and now I have this strange problem in uTorrent...

When I try to seed a .torrent that is located on my nas (a TS-451A), and someone starts do download it, I get the following error:
IO Error:59 line:1147 pos:285753789 count:524288 actual:0
Error: Bosch.S05.NORDiC.720p.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-DBRETAiL -An unexpected networkerror occurred. (ReadFromDisk)

And the .torrent goes red, and I have to either restart it manually, or recheck it, which I did, and I was successful...

Why do I get these errors now, I have never seen them before when I was using qts v.4.3.x!

I can add that when I save a .torrent's files to any of my internal harddisks , I never see this error, so it must be that I upgraded to qts 4.4.1 Public Beta 3... Are there any settings on my qnap that I should change, to make it more compatible with uTorrent? Or is there some settings in uTorrent that I should enable?


I just want to seed my torrents, without having to manually restart my torrents...

Edit: I have now completely disabled the READ cache in uTorrent, let's see if that helps...

Edit2: No it didn't work, I am setting the read-cache back on...

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