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Lavasoft Personal Firewall blocking uTorrent - advice needed


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Hi there,

After getting fed-up with ZoneAlarm's resource-hogging Internet Security Suite, I thought I would give Lavasoft's Personal Firewall a whirl. Everything seemed fine ... until it objected to uTorrent (blocking all peers).

Or, to be more accurate, after I've had uTorrent on for more than a few minutes it constantly insists that BitTorrent/uTorrent is 'IP Spoofing' and blocks it for 5 minutes - and then you have the option to 'unblock' it. When unblocked, everything is hunky-dory again - for about a minute, when it starts blocking it again. Presumably, it thinks that the people 'leeching' or 'seeding' from me are hackers or something.

I've studiously worked my way through all the settings/options, etc, but try as I can I just cannot get it set-up in order to exclude - or ignore - Torrents. So, temporarily (I hope!), I've had to uninstall it and reinstall ZoneAlarm.

If someone can help me properly configure the Lavasoft Personal Firewall, that would be much appreciated :)



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