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32 bit.. 64 bit..


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As I'm sure we all know, there is 32 bit and 64 bit

A 64 bit device can run 32 bit software  (except for some very strange situations in which bad programmers check to see if the cpu is 32 bit or 16 bit. and if it's not 32 bit the program won't work.. they failed to consider that people would be using a 64 bit computer). 

32 bit and 64 bit programs run at pretty much the same speed, because programmers are not smart enough to use the 64 bit commands properly.

However, 32 bit programs can only address a maximum of 4GB  (actually less, because things like the video and other functions steal some of that memory)

64 bit programs can address more memory than anybody could dream of ever having.  

I get hit with errors such as seen below almost every day with uTorrent.

If uTorrent were compiled with a 64 bit compiler, I think that problem would go away.   

I don't know that they even manufacture 32 bit cpus anymore.. so why is anybody compiling their software to be 32 bit? 

I recall that many many years ago, there was one version of uTorrent that was 64 bit, but it was discontinued.  I have no idea why.

Probably the same reason a lot of boneheads still use uTorrent version 2.21

The Amish might not have electricity, but even they use uTorrent 3.5.x


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