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uTorrent tracker function don't work


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I've utorrent 3.5.5 (build 45311) and I've activated tracker function but don't work. I've activate "bt.enable_tracker" on advanced features, i've open port in windows firewall, avast, malwarebytes and in my router (I've verificate that mi ip and my port are visible from internet and that's right). When create a torrent, i select the file, check "private torrent" and "first seed" and i add in the tracker info this tracker (my local host that is the tracker): "udp://(my-public-ip):(port-open-in-utorrent)/announce". When start seed, server (my tracker) is out. Launch this message: "Connection time out", and can't share the file. I've try all, i've explore the web since 2 months ago and can't fix this problem.

What Do I wrong?

Thanks a lot.


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