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Legal Eagle

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Allow Playback Column to be hidden.  I am currently using 3.5.5 build 45146.  I was informed that if I updated to the latest version I would not be able to hide the Playback column.  Since I don't use the Playback function, I should be able to disable it an use the room for other columns I do use.

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Although the Playback column is not listed as an option to disable, that column does appear after clicking Reset.
To get rid of that column, you'll have to start off with a fresh settings.dat file.
Try this...
Exit uTorrent.
Move/delete settings.dat & settings.dat.old from uTorrent's Application Data folder.
Create a text file in that folder and save it as settings.dat.
Restart uTorrent.

You will have to tweak all settings (e.g. folder locations) again to your liking.
Or try my settings HERE
Password is LegalEagle

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5 hours ago, Legal Eagle said:

Is there a list of what your settings are?

Essentially, it'll be like starting off with new a settings.dat.
I've tweaked some in the Advanced section to remove interface Ads. , and personalised 1 or 2 under Preferences options as well as adjusting uTorrent's interface to my own liking.
You'll have to customise your own previous Preference choices from General>>>Label & possibly Advanced inc. UI Extras>>>Run Program to your own liking of course... not to mention setting up your own column choices(!)

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