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Getting the green light & opening the port


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Ive installed utorrent on at least 2 different operating systems and i could never get this to work.

The only thing it says is "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green it could indicate a problem with your network configuration."

- Heres my internet connection speed.

4 megabits per second

Communications 4 megabits per second

Storage 486.9 kilobytes per second

1MB file download 2.1 seconds

Subjective rating Awesome

Im using windows server 2003. Im not sure how to find my firmware device but i think its Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC.

I only have windows firewall but i allowed utorrent and shutting it off doesnt make a difference.

i dont think i forwarded my port and my isp is roadrunner.

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Gradius, I have the same problem. I have confirmed that port forwarding is working correctly, but I'm not getting the green light -- only the yellow w/ the "no incoming connections" message. I also am running uTorrent on Windows Server 2003... I wonder if it's an OS problem? The torrents that I am seeding are very popular (OINK) and I don't believe that NOONE would be downloading any chunks from the 10 or so that I'm seeding.

My setup:

Windows Server 2003

Wireless router w/ port forwarding (TCP/UDP) enabled, set to static IP of machine running uTorrent

Tested port forwarding using Speed Guide succesfully

Windows Firewall Service DISABLED and STOPPED

No other Antivirus/Firewall software installed

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@youforia: If your router has a firewall it may be stealthing your ports. The µTorrent port tester will show the port as open if this is the case but peers will not be able to make incoming connections. A better check is BTfaq's. You could also try Steve Gibson's ShieldsUP!! to determine if the port is actually open. Enter the port you want to check and select User Specified Custom Port Probe. The stealth analysis must fail and the port status must show as "OPEN!".

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