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moving torrents


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So this might be a feature request?

what I do...

download torrents, which are basically folders, with say 1 media file and 2 txt files in them

media file 1 (many MB's)
txt file 1 (1k)
txt file 2 (2k)

c:\folder 2\
media file 2 (many MB's)
txt file 1 (1.5k)
txt file 2 (2.5k)

once torrent is downloaded, I often move the files into a single folder

media file 1 (many MB's)
media file 2 (many MB's)

media files are not altered, txt files are disposed of 

So....by changing the folder content, the original torrent is no longer valid?

so 'media file 1' will no longer contribute to 1 of the original 250 sources listed for a torrent?

is there any way, of offering "c:\mainfolder\media file 1" (without the text files that were originally
included), to be included the original 250 figure for download?

eg - when my file is available for seeding, I don't want it to be a "1 source available", I want it to be
included in the original "250 sources available"

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The you have to re-create the torrent and upload it. Once you edit or remove it from the place it downloaded you have to re-create the torrent so it uploads. And that goes beyond what utorrent forum is here to help with. For that you will have to look elsewhere to help you make and upload the torrent again.

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