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Incorrect ratios - way to correct them


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I know it's a bit OCD, but I'd like to be able to correct the ratio of download:seeded. I have a few torrents that had to be removed and then added back because of issues with file location and/or renaming after they'd downloaded (every time I tried to do it uTorrent would become non-responsive and crash) so it shows I've downloaded only a small amount so the ratio is completely overstated.

Also, I frequently download on one computer and if I see there are few seeders after 1 month, I put it on another computer with access to the network share so it mostly never actually downloads anything, just verifies and starts seeding. Of course that means almost all the ratios are out on that uTorrent install by huge numbers.

2019-10-11_17-23-35 uTorrent ratio incorrect - Dell M4800.jpg

2019-10-11_17-28-27 uTorrent ratio incorrect - NUCKY.jpg

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I just noticed that if you have 0B downloaded, despite actually having all or part of the torrent downloaded, such as what happens if you remove a torrent then add it back to the same destination, the ratio is correct as in it assumes you've downloaded 100% of that which you have selected within the torrent. So that's a sort of work around for this issue if anyone else is interested.

2019-11-08_17-27-00 Utorrent ratios correct for torrents with 0B 'downloaded'.png

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