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Clickable "Comment:" URLs


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µTorrent has context menu item, witch allow "Open URL in Browser". In user manual said that it "Open URL in Browser will open the linked URL(s) in your default web browser". The problem is, that there are a lot of trackers (for example RuTracker.org) witch in every torrent paste URL to comment field (for example "http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=TOPIC#"), but µTorrent doesn't recognize it. For users of such trackers "Open URL in Browser" item is always inactive and they must do annoying Select Torrent->Select General Tab->Copy URL->Open Browser->Paste URL->Hit Enter instead of Select Torrent->Open URL in Browser. Four unnecessary actions for frequently & simple operation :-( http://i.imgur.com/zirZa.jpg RuTracker.org has 8+ million registered users and 222 Alexa Rank (higher only TPB and isoHunt).

It's not really trivial to make URLs clickable.

I agree with you, but I think it's trivial to make check if comment field start with "http://" and consist only of this link, then give context menu item "Open URL in Browser" ability to open it. This better one, because we no need go to general tab, only select torrent and open link.

P.S. In Idea bank there are two equally ideas. One of them: Active URL at comment string have 10 votes and distinct title. Another is: Torrent's Site Link have 127 votes, but it is impossible to find it because title doesn't repel the essence of the matter. When I suggest to absorb last one for Active URL at comment string I have been baned :/ maybe unban me? ;)

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