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A fix.. sort of..


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I've been having problems with Utorrent having memory allocation problems and crashing.. and not responding.  I've tried several things including the latest stable version and the latest beta.. same problems.  I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled it.. same problem.

I fixed the problem by installing BitTorrent..   and copying the system.dat and resume.dat files to the bittorrent directory.

It LOOKS 100% identical.. with the exact same functionality... but it does NOT crash! 

In the past, I think I tested the two programs, and Utorrent was a bit faster.  I have no idea why. 

I would like to use Utorrent, because that is what I have used for probably over a decade.  I'm pretty sure it's faster than Bittorrent.. BUT.. I can't have the program crashing a dozen times a day. 

The ONE problem I have with Bittorrent is that it won't allow me to create an account.  When I get to the security question, it rejects my replies even though my replies are correct.  It seems to have 3 security questions.. "who is the president" "what is the shape of the earth" and "what is the 2nd word in this phrase" [the bicycle is blue]   Whether I put in Trump, Donald Trump, sphere, round, or bicycle.. it always says I'm wrong.. I tried so many times, it won't let me even see the bittorrent forum page anymore.

I have a suggestion.. start with the code of BITTORRENT and replace bits of it's code with the corresponding code of Utorrent until it starts having crashes.  It's possible there is nothing wrong with the code.. but the COMPILER has a bug. 

I tried installing Utorrent Web, but I'm too stupid to figure out how to use that.


One mistake I made in  a comment I said yesterday.. I said that nobody uses TronTV.  Well, after trying TronTV.. I love it.  It's a great alternative to Youtube, which I despise.  I would suggest that everyone try TronTV out. 

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Bittorrent also shuts down spontaneously.. but not nearly as often as Utorrent.  So.. it seems that BOTH programs have the same problem. 

Bittorrent hasn't given any messages about why it shuts down.. it just goes away.  However, Utorrent usually says that Windows has run out of memory and it's unable to allocate memory.. which is crap.. because I have 128GB of RAM and 12TB of hard drive storage

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This is bad.. it seems that Utorrent and Bittorrent are so similar.. they even have the same errors!  (although Bittorrent doesn't crash nearly as often).


The errors below are from Bittorrent.. and are the same errors I was getting with Utorrent. 

One interesting thing though.. when Utorrent crashes.. it kind of has a "stroke" and when it starts up again, a whole lot of "rechecking" has to be done which typically takes several minutes, can take over an hour.. and several years ago used to take WEEKS (not kidding - which is a reason not to use OLD versions)

When BitTorrent crashes.. it basically just stops.  When it starts up again, it's going again without any delays.. it seems to pick up right where it left off.  Because of that.. I set up a task scheduler which restarts Bittorrent every 15 minutes automatically IF it is not running.  That should work out just fine for me... but I'm concerned about other people who don't know how to keep it running.  There is a memory problem with both Utorrent and Bittorrent which seems to go back to 2012. 

I used to be a programmer.. but programmers aren't paid diddly squat anymore.  There are 100 qualified programmers out there for every programming job.  So, you wind up with underpaid workers.. who can't be bothered or care about fixing problems - they frankly don't have the time to debug their own software.  A program should never crash. 




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