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Stopping downloads leads to a glitch


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I'm downloading a folder that contains many files, however, I want to only download one right now, as I need it before any of the others, (being that it's the first episode and I want to watch the show right away.) I figured it'd speed up the download of that file to pause the downloads of all the other files in the folder for now, so that all my bandwidth can go to that one download. Thing is though, that although I can pause downloads for the first page-ish of files, if I start to scroll down, the moment I touch the "Download" slider, everything disappears. Some of the first couple I touch will glitch it out differently than that too, cropping a section of the folder so I can only see a few files, with some even being partly cut off. Is there a fix for this? It sucks to have to close and reopen the folder and scroll back down with every single file, when all I wanted to do was speed things up a little, and now RE-ENABLE the downloads of all the episodes I paused, and do the same thing again.



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