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how to stop utorrent web on mac from starting on bootup?


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How do you stop utorrent web form starting up automatically when you bootup and login to the mac?

If you right click on the utorrent icon in the tray, the "open at login" is ticked, but there is noway to untick.  

This is driving me crazy, as I cant take my laptop to work as the network administrator will freak out.

Note also that in the webs settings, I have unticked: "Start μTorrent Web when computer starts" but this makes no difference.

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On 11/5/2019 at 8:45 PM, jeanetteliu said:

1. right-click on the dock icon
2. uncheck “open at Login”

Doesnt work. It is already unchecked.  If I check it and uncheck it again, it still starts up on bootup. Its impossible to stop.


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