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downloading same exact file from two sites at once.. finish one or 2 pieces at a time instead of working on ALL pieces at once


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***** another idea... Utorrent seems to grab random fragments of files, which is the premise of torrenting.. HOWEVER.. it should complete grabbing all the fragments of one piece (or a couple of pieces) instead of grabbing tiny fragments of all the pieces in a file.  *****


Often I download the same file from two different sites at once.

I download them to the same directory.

I notice that the two torrents only recognize COMPLETED pieces of the other torrent.

So, torrent A might be 90% complete, but only 40% of the download is made of COMPLETED pieces, so torrent B shows up as only being 40% complete even when a re-check is done.

That is probably a good DEFAULT to have.. but it would be nice to be able to FORCE the other torrent to "import" the incomplete pieces.

Technically, one file could be over 90% complete, but none of the pieces being complete.. so the other torrent would be at 0%.  This doesn't happen, but I do often have most of the 2nd torrent "incomplete" until the 1st torrent is over 80% complete. 


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