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low dl-speed because no seeds/peers


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Hello all 2gehter,

is there a possibility to add "sources" to a torrent? I got this torrent for example, and in the beginning it works out, and dls but then somedays / hours / or when s.t. when I restart the programm, it just tells me that there r 0 (0) seeds and 0 (3) peers. when i start 2 download the same torrent then, it's like at the beginning again. First it works, then it "shuts down". What can I do? Can i some kind of reload the torrent?

Greets and thanks!,


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1) This torrent doesn't sound strong to begin with (probably DHT-only, <20 peers detectable via DHT, maybe most of them using BitComet...) Lesson #1 you should have caught on by now: Never stop when you are trying to DL from a crap torrent, hang on to the death once you got flow. Even if you have no flow, hang on at least for hours before retrying.

2) You can add peers by right clicking in the Peer window and selecting "Add Peer". You then manually enter the IPs. If you are on a weak torrent with like <10 peers, I suggest you spend some time manually copying down the IPs of the guys you managed to connect to in case you need to re-enter them manually.

3) You can delete and reload the torrent, of course, but you'd lose the peerlist - bad move.

4) Define shutting down: If you mean the flow drops to zero after awhile, well, this happens a lot w/ weak torrents. Just be patient - every day the completion rate will ooze up and in a week or two it'd complete.

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Hey first at all, thanks a lot, but *embarrassed*, where is the peer window? I only see the tracker "window", when i rightclick on the torrent and choose properties.

Sorry, but i'm not that good in such things :-)

And another problem will be what IPs? Can i find them in my torrent? but how to open? If i double click on it, it just downloads like usual.

Tanks a lot,



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Well it sounds like you may be too basic a user for the advise given above, but maybe I am wrong. The "peer" tab should be on your main screen on the lower half of the GUI. If you dont see it, make sure under the options drop down menu that you are showing all windows.

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Hi: I'm in the same situation of mirjam: one of my torrent stop download al 93,2% now I have 0(4) 9(129) all in the same % nobody have 100%, I spend more than 10 days al 93,2%. 2 of 3 trackers tell me: disconected (out of time) the other is OK. but it upload 3 times his weight !

If none have the 100% how can I manually enter the IPs. that work?

Merged double post(s):

Hi: it's me again:

I'm still in te same %

Can someboby helps me?

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

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