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Appdata folder sharing


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My computer has 128GB of RAM

That is way more than anyone would have a need for under normal use.

I decided to create a SECOND User on my computer, and use that other user exclusively for running Utorrent.

The problem I'm having is that Utorrent and all it's associated data files are located in the c:\users\USERNAME-1\appdata\roaming\utorrent  folder 

When logged in as USERNAME-2, I cannot access the USERNAME-1\appdata folders. 

I suppose I could move utorrent out from under USERNAME-1 and put it in a general area, but I would prefer to leave it where it is and just be able to access it with both USERNAME-1 and USERNAME-2 

Anybody know how to do this?    It's on the latest Windows 10

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I figured it out.. 

Stupid Windows turns the visibility of a lot of things OFF by default.   I had to manually turn on the visibility.

So, I have uTorrent running on a secondary user account on my computer.  

I'm not sure if that is preventing the main account from bogging down or not.  

I think it will, and make it easier to torrent once I set up the browser on the 2nd user account to have all my torrent sites instead of having them on my main user account. 


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