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Can utorrent be installed on Linux Mint?


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I've recently given some serious thought to switching from Windows to Linux.I knew I would probably have to make some compromises because the level of software support on Linux isn't anywhere near where it is on Windows, but there are somethings that I can't compromise on.One of those things is my torrenting.I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but just to be definitive i'm going to ask anyway.Is there a way to install utorrent on Linux?I'm not talking about that weird utorrent server thing, which just looks like an out of date version of the desktop client and I don't even know how to use, and I know there's no native app for Linux, but I was hoping for some round-a-bout way of making it work.

I tried Winetricks.The description in the package manager actually kind of sells it as the easy way to do it.You're supposed to be able to install it directly from the app, but everytime I tried it gave me some weird "sha1sum mismatch" error message.

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