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RSS feed not connecting on one PC? (works on others).


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Hello, I'm only writing because I'm near the end of my rope here.
About a month ago my perfectly working RSS feed stopped working :(
Yes I have backed up my Roaming\uTorrent folder before doing anything.

My RSS feed works %100 like its supposed to on my desktop utorrent client so there's nothing wrong with the feed on the website end.
After deleting the feed I close utorrent even restarted PC open utorrent and add a new feed, but the feed tab shows nothing(see this picture). I do the exact same thing on my desktop and it shows a list of the feed from the webpage.
I've deleted all my feeds (I only had one), Cleared Feed History and Updated Feed.
I've installed an older (44632) build over the current stable build then tried the beta build. but had no luck (I have paid ad-free).
I've deleted rss.dat(and .old) in Roaming\uTorrent

I'm not sure what else to do except for deleting everything (uninstalling + deleting Roaming\uTorrent then reinstalling).
I would prefer not to delete everything (even though I have a backup) as I would like to keep all 278 torrents with their stats (uploaded-amount, date added, Ratio, Labels and save-dir) and utorrent show-statistics.
Can you please list out the .dat (and other files) that I can delete without loosing everything? would settings.dat be alright to delete without affecting aforementioned data (I'm ok with loosing all options>preferences settings.

Just some background info on the machine:
Its a dedicated home-server (running private game-servers, plex and seeding lots of torrents seeded 30TB so far), the pc gets restarted ~15x/year.
Windows-7-64Bit, no reason updating to win-10 (it used to be activated until MS came down hard on those wholesale keys).
i7-6700k, 32GB RAM, OS on SSD, lots of HDD's, accessed via windows remote desktop.

thank you for any advice


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