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Private Trackers Banning uTorrent & Bittorrent


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Why one by one, every private trackers are banning uTorrent?
When I asked them about why they were doing it they gave this info. No matter how much I want to use uTorrent because of the features it has that no other clients offer, I can't use utorrent with any private trackers now. Is this really true about what they say about uTorrent leaking passkeys and infos about users?



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As a proof they did not give any technical details themselves other than claiming utorrent has security flaws. However, they gave me a link that has a discussion in details about this security flaw.

Reddit Discussion about utorrent Ban

Also they mentioned some other private trackers that have done the same. The screenshot as given. Note this, I am not rooting against or for utorrent in any way nor for or against the private trackers. I simply want to know the truth and verify the claims of both parties with technically detailed proofs, that's all. Since all the features that I need are present only in utorrent and bittorrent, so I can't help but try to investigate if the claims of both parties are true or just based off of rumors. If the features were available in other torrent clients then I would have used those. There are other private trackers that have not banned utorrent yet. Instead they have no client restriction and some said to use utorrent version above 3.5.5 and refraining from using below 3.5.5. Some urged to use qbittorrent or deluge but not restricted utorrent or bittorrent. Some asks to use older versions of utorrrent more specifically v2.x

ScreenShot_1    ScreenShot_2  ScreenShot_3   

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That reddit thread offers no proof either.

Honestly, this is just new wording on the old "wrong ratio reporting" claims. Lots of claims, no documented proof.

Can you provide some technically detailed proofs about utorrent and BitTorrent not having security flaws in the new versions? I am trying to address the screenshot in which "TorrentLeech" stated to use v3.5.5 and above. Among the private torrents that I have accounts with, TorrentLeech only provided somewhat info about this, although not detailed. No private torrents so far have provided any detailed technical proof verifying the claims. There were a few private torrents from which I hadn't downloaded in a while banned utorrent when I last checked, such as Animebytes. U2 banned specific versions of every torrent client. So, you know, a detailed technical proof would help.

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