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low downloads speed between utorrent and externe storage on local network


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 i have an external drive connect on my internet service provider's router. 

Like this, i can find my external drive on my local network and paste all i want on him. 

I want to dowload folders by utorrent directly on my external drive one the network. 

My problem : the download's speed stagnate around 20ko/ks whereas is a good torrent with seeders. 

Also when i choose to dowload the folders on my hard disk in local (not on the network) the dowload's speed is ok with 12mo/s . 

Somebody can help me ? 


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Hi DreadWingKnight ! 

Thank you for you're time and answer ! 

Just one more question : When i lauch the torrent's download, directly on my external storage on my local network, the download's speed increase to 10mo/s and after 30sec, the download's speed decrease to 20 ko/s :( 

Do you think this problem is also because of  performances of the NAS function of my router ? 

May be i will buy NAS if i can't resolve my problem... 

Again thank you for your help !! 


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