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Wildcard.. for searches


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often, I can't find my files because there is no wildcard available.

If I have 4 files named:

1 Cat Dog

2 Cat-Dog

3 Dog-Cat

4 Cat Mouse

and I want all files with the words CAT DOG in them and search on

CAT  - I get all 4.. but I don't want the Cat mouse one.. so I search on

CAT DOG  - then I get just 1   but I want 1,2,3

if there was a WILDCARD available, I would search on  CAT*DOG which would give me 1,2

Even better.. if there was a way where it would search for EVERY delimited word in the search such as searching on  /CAT/  /DOG/

then it would first search for all the titles with CAT and narrow it down to 1,2,3,4  but then it would search those 4 results for DOG and further refine it to 1,2,3

In fact, here is my ULTIMATE solution..

Utorrent should analyze the search entry and split it up into words with just text and numbers.  So..

a search on     Cat Dog-Mouse    Tire  Brick52  34 Ape:Zebra    would search for eight things:  cat dog mouse tire brick52 34 ape zebra

and filter the results on each word.. for a total of 8 times..  yielding all listing with all of those words in it. 


The reason I am asking for this is because often, titles include  extra characters such as _ or - or & which screw up the search.

if I have files called   RED BLUE    and BLUE RED   I want all the listings with both those words in it.  Currently I would have to search on RED BLUE then on BLUE RED 

If I have a list of actors in a movie, who knows what order the names are in, or whether the entire name is in the listing or just the first name. 


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