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When utorrent is running, my pc gets slow and unresponsive?


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This problem has just started on my machine. Ive been using utorrent for a long time with no real issues. all of a sudden today i noticed that my pc was running very very slow. my mouse was slugish and clicking on icons were next to non responsive. so far ive:

- checked system resources while running utorrent and everything checks out fine

- ran multiple spyware/virus/reg cleaner scans

- ive uninstalled security software

- did a system restore to yesterday

- changed open ports on my utorrent and router

still no fix. I have no idea why my pc is so slow when utorrent is running. Ive looked all over the net for similar issues, and cannot find anything. the minuite i shut down utorrent my pc goes back to normal.

im running xp pro, athlon 64 2700, 2 gigs ram...windows security center disabled, no firewalls, ive disabled/uninstalled any program that i can think would be causeing a conflict with utorrent. im lost for troubleshooting.

if anyone has had this happen or have read a similar issue and knows of a possible fix, please reply. if you need more info, please ask.


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