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utorrent is starting to resemble malware


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The last 3 times I started my computer I was greeted by µtorrent giving me strange window. It continued after clicking accept when I had learned it was µtorrent. The client had not started yet, only that window.

It doesn't say it is µtorrent at all, nowhere. It does however ask you to accept conditions and you can opt to see sponsors.

I don't click stuff like that. So the first time I saw it, I scanned for viruses. Thought that maybe I missed some adware the last time I installed some freeware, or similar.

However that's not what it was. When I found no malware I noticed the µtorrent client had not started. Saw the icon in tray and tried to make the client open. No dice. Then I killed µtorrent and the strange window disappeared.

In very short. If you don't stop doing crap like that altogether, I'll stop using your program and recommend people around me to stay far away from it too.

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I'll provide one next time.

EDIT: Actually just noticed it wasn't running because I got angry and closed it earlier. The window also popped up when executing the the client while in windows(I'm Danish, so the ad is in Danish even though my client is English):

µtorrent ads.png

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