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make USB a bit more compatible with USB sticks


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I'm currently overseas and keep uTorrent and the torrents and working data on a USB stick. Since I primarily use uTorrent in internet cafes I generally get a different drive letter each time I log in. This tends to break the downloads currently in progress, as I need to adjust the download path by hand to match the new drive letters. I've tried doing relative settings (i.e. ../../data/utorrent/etc) and just using the path without a drive (i.e. /data/utorrent/etc) and neither work.

So the feature request is to get one of the above 2 scenarios to work. Thanks

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Same problem here!

Try this http://www.utorrent-deutsch.de/downloads/utorrent.bat

Copy this file on your USB-stick. Inside there is a dos command (subst) which allows you, f.e. to have a drive "U:" (in my case) for the path "F:\System\Apps\DBED856F-3498-411f-a182-3478b0e6e1ee\Data"

So you only have to check if drive "U:" is free, and which drive your stick has (f.e. "F:" here).

Make your settings in utorrent to the absolute paths "U:" and you're fine!

Start this "utorrent.bat" on your stick, this makes the settings for "U":, starts "utorrent.exe" afterwards.

The only thing you'll have to change in future: replace "F:" with your USB-stick-driveletter :)

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