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uTorrent Helper, wallet.log & Windows pop-up error

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Hi, can you please explain the meaning of wallet.log file in C:\users\%username&\AppData\Local\BitTorrentHelper ?

Here is its contents:

[2020-02-27 20:28:23.737] [logger] [info] wWinMain::379::Helper process started
[2020-02-27 20:28:23.980] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: startup.launched
[2020-02-27 20:28:26.337] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: startup.ledger_init
[2020-02-27 20:28:26.337] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: cfu.helper.404
[2020-02-27 20:28:26.339] [logger] [info] wWinMain::625::Running io_context
[2020-02-27 20:28:26.339] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: startup.enter_event_loop
[2020-02-27 20:28:26.339] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: bt_con.handshake
[2020-02-27 20:28:27.179] [logger] [info] bench_ping::494::Sending bench ping: ledger.open_channel.success
[2020-02-27 20:28:27.179] [logger] [error] ledger_gateway::generate_remote_channel_state::531::ledger_open_chan_success

At the same time I got Windows pop-up error saying:

The install of C:\users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\uttBCCD.tmp failed
Unidentified error (-2147467259). [] [Verify Sig Error: 0x80092003.]

It happened after I blocked network for uTorrent Helper in Kaspersky Internet Security and tried to download torrents. The program was also moved to Low Restriction group by the antivirus. According to this post it suppose to "remove or stop finished torrent downloads", but why does it generate hundreds of MB of incoming and outgoing traffic per week? And since I don't need my downloads to be stopped or removed, why can't I disable it?

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