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MAJOR DISCOVERY: Belkin AP's can be converted into routers!


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I own a belkin wireless g router F5D7230 and a belkin wireless g AP F5D7130 and use the AP to extend my wireless internet into my garage.

I just upgraded my AP with the firmware for my router F5D7230.

My AP is now a fully fledged router with all of the functions of a router. The range between the 2 seems to have increased (i now get full signal as apposed to low / good) also my transfer rate is up by about 30%.

This is a major discovery because this proves that AP's are in fact routers but with cut down firmware.

anybody in the future who wants a a cheap router, just buy an AP and patch it with the router firmware and save yourself money!

My current router and my new "router" now have the following firmware 4.05.03 Boot Version v1.03.12.bk

The AP turned router now has the same hardware revision as the router F5D7230-4

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[useless quoting removed by moderator]

I can't say if it's better than the old router but it now has all the features as the old router. Performance is better than when it was just an AP, download speeds are up when copying files to and from PC's in the house back to the garage / visa versa.

If I was you i'd still go for the WRT54GL as it has much more features than the Belkin. (depending on what firmware you get). I've seen some with traffic shaping!!

My trick is really for someone who is on a very tight budget and can only afford the belkin AP, there like $25 or something stupid like that now!

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seems like this one AP is cheap but from what I read on DD WRT and Broadband Report forums, APs are actually more expensive generally than routers even if APs are just neutered wireless routers in fact (as you found out), the logic is that much fewer APs are sold than wireless routers on the market and so people advise not to buy APs but routers like WRT54G/L lineup and flash them to DD WRT firmware and voila you got AP

I made 5 APs that way just last week and those boxes can be many other things than just APs if you need something else than AP

25 bucks is cheap though, still aren't you the guy who posted about uTorrent not working for him?? could it be because those Belking APs are crap to begin with?


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