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Set Download Location not working


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I had to move files to another drive because I was running out of space, so created the new folder and copied the incomplete torrent's files to it. Then I right-clicked on the torrent, went to Advanced and selected Set Download Location, pasted the new folder in the text field and clicked Select Folder, which does exist because I created it and copied the incompleted torrent, with some complete files, into it. It asked me if I wanted to overwrite the files which exist there, and the options were Yes, No and Cancel. Obviously, Yes would overwrite them; Cancel would stop this and cancel it, so No would just point to that folder to finish the torrent downloading. I selected No, and then I went back to the torrent and forced it to recheck, but it didn't complete to about 70% or so, so I could finish downloading the torrent. I tried that again and still nothing, so I tried it a third time and selected Yes to overwrite, and it started replacing the already-downloaded torrents with incomplete torrents with the .!ut append. Why have No and Cancel, which both do the exact same thing?

How can I make it work without having to just re-download everything again, instead of it seeing the new folder, rechecking and continuing to finish downloading the torrent? Should I have just created the folder on the second drive and not have copied the files across to the second drive and not have deleted the files from the first drive so that it could copy them itself?

uTorrent is 3.5.5 build 45608 32-bit

OS is Windows 7 32-bit


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Nevermind. I found Relocate for the files in the torrent, and I had to relocate them to their individual folders instead of being able to relocate them all to their individual folders in their parent folder or folders, like what you do when you download the torrent at first. :rolleyes:

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