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Problems updating

Giant Lizard

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Hi everybody,

I'm having some problems with uTorrent: I had a previous version (3.5.4) and I've finally decided to update, but like everytime I do it, it's a real pain in the...back, because it automatically install in the admin folder, even if I want to use it as a normal user. So I had to uninstall it and reinstall it, then move the uTorrent folder in my non-admin user folder. Luckily it works that way. so now I have a 3.5.5 version working for my normal user too. What I just need to do now is to restore my old settings.

I have a backup of my old uTorrent folder but if I copy everything inside the new folder it messes up (of course) because some files are not compatible.

Exactly, which files have the uTorrent settings?

Thank you in advance!


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